Shipping containers provide a versatile storage and transportation solution for both businesses and homeowners. However, purchasing a shipping container requires careful consideration to avoid making costly mistakes. This article will outline the top mistakes to avoid when buying a container so that you can select the right one to meet your specific needs and budget. 

Avoiding these common pitfalls will ensure a smooth purchasing process and long-lasting container.

Not Accurately Measuring the Space

One of the most common mistakes is failing to accurately measure the space where you plan to place the shipping container. Don’t just quickly measure the length and width of the allotted area. You need to carefully check for any restrictions like low ceilings, overhanging tree branches, narrow entryways or uneven ground. Measure any doors or paths the container may need to be maneuvered through when delivered. Account for enough space to fully open the doors and comfortably access the container interior without restrictions. Precise measurements allow proper selection of container size.

Buying the Wrong Size Container

Many buyers underestimate how much storage space they will actually need, while others overestimate the amount that will realistically fit in their measured space. When selecting container size, carefully consider both your current storage needs and future needs if they might expand. Factor in the types of goods to be stored, the maximum load capacity of various sizes, and allowances for easy maneuverability inside the container. The standard container sizes are 10’ (2.9m), 20’ (6.1m), 40’ (12.2m), 45’ (13.7m) and 48’ (14.6m) in length. Match your measurements to the appropriate container dimensions to avoid an imperfect fit.

Not Thoroughly Checking Condition

It is critical to thoroughly inspect both the exterior and interior condition of a shipping container before purchase. Check for any rust, dents, leaks, damage, or wear-and-tear. Examine the doors, latches, seals, hinges, and vents. Look for cracks, holes or deterioration in the flooring. Ensure the container is structurally sound with no evidence of damage that could impact integrity. Confirm it is fully weatherproof and watertight. Also request maintenance and repair records to identify potential issues. It is far better to inspect first rather than face surprises after purchase.

Skipping Needed Modifications

If you plan to modify the shipping container by adding doors, windows, ventilation, electrical systems, insulation, plumbing, painting, or other customizations, be sure to factor these into your total cost. Will the container need to meet building codes or require permits? What fees and regulations apply for these modifications? Determining all your modification requirements upfront prevents unexpected costs down the road after purchase. Budgeting for modifications from the start allows proper selection of the container best suited to your needs.

Not Shopping Around

Don’t simply purchase from the first shipping container supplier you come across. Compare multiple suppliers on price, container specifications, delivery fees, warranties, customer service and more. Check reviews and reputation of the companies. Beware extremely low prices as you often get what you pay for – cheaper containers may mean lower quality or condition. Get quotes from different suppliers and leverage them against each other to negotiate the best overall value. Don’t assume any one source is necessarily the cheapest or best option.

In summary, avoiding the common mistakes outlined above will help ensure you purchase the right shipping container for your specific needs and prevent wasted money from a poor decision. Take time to carefully measure, assess required modifications, thoroughly check condition, and shop around before selecting your container. Following these tips will make for a smooth purchasing experience so you find the ideal shipping container solution.

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