Shipping containers are versatile structures increasingly used creatively for various purposes beyond simple cargo transportation. Due to their durable steel construction and customizable design, containers work perfectly for setting up temporary spaces at events large and small. Whether you’re organizing a festival, conference, wedding, or outdoor party, repurposed shipping containers can add function and flair to your event space. 

Here are 12 clever ways event planners in Ontario are utilizing shipping containers:

1. Food Stalls and Concessions

Renovated containers make for durable, secure food vendor stalls. Fit them with serving windows, electrical hookups, and storage to create food trucks or pop-up kitchens on a budget. 

2. Bar and Beverage Service 

Transform a container into bar-style with a service window, taps, fridge, and small countertop. Some event planners install bar stools outside for a unique social space. You can keep drinks cool and protected from the elements by using shipping containers as bars. Consider a second container nearby for storage and supplies.

3. Merchandise and Retail Booths  

You can sell event merchandise, arts and crafts, sponsor products, or tickets from secure yet stylish container retail booths. All you need to do is customize the interiors with shelves and display units so vendors have everything. 

4. Photo and Video Booths

Give your guests a fun, photo-worthy space to capture memories with a party photo booth container. For the ultimate experience, decorate the interiors with props, lighting, and a camera or phone mount. 

5. Lounges and Seating Areas  

Group several containers together and furnish the space with sofas, chairs, and decorations for cozy lounge areas. Install windows, siding and a roof for a modern outdoor seating structure. For multi-container lounges, connect containers with covered walkways. 

6. Green Rooms and Artist Spaces

You can provide performers, speakers and presenters with a comfortable green room to relax in before and after their time on stage. Don’t forget to stock the containers with snacks, mirrors, and comfortable seats.

7. VIP and Sponsor Areas  

Did you know you can create an exclusive sponsor lounge or VIP viewing area inside a lavishly outfitted shipping container? Design the interiors with premium furnishings and finishes to impress clients. 

8. Kids Play Areas  

Designate a safe, fun space for children with a play area container with interactive games, toys and supervision. Consider installing artificial grass, windows and age-appropriate décor. Fit the container with windows, allowing parents to supervise from outside easily. Add a play structure, ball pit or climbers. 

9. Offices and Workspaces

Event organizers can use containers as on-site mobile offices, check-in points and back-of-house command centers. Equip the interiors with essential furniture, technology and storage. Provide a table and seating configuration for on-site meetings. Install power sources and lighting suitable for productive working.

10. Sound and Production Storage  

Secure event production equipment, audio-visual technology and staging elements in climate-controlled storage containers near the site. Install locks, ventilation and organizers for efficient storage.

11. Onsite Accommodations

For multi-day events, shipping containers can be used as basic accommodation units or “glamping” cabins with custom beds, lighting, and stylish interiors. You can also provide private bathrooms in separate containers. 

12. Guest Sign-In and Registration  

Greet guests and collect registrations from a branded welcome container decorated with your event logo, signage and comfortable registration furniture. 

As you can see, shipping containers offer countless possibilities for imaginative event spaces. Their weatherproof construction, customizable designs and mobility make them ideal temporary structures.

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