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Shipping containers, those ubiquitous steel boxes seen traversing the globe, have evolved beyond their traditional role in cargo transportation. Today, they offer a versatile and cost-effective solution for various needs, from temporary storage and mobile offices to construction site needs and even pop-up shops.  If you’re considering renting a shipping container, navigating the process can […]

How to Insulate Shipping Containers

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Shipping containers are designed to be durable and withstand the rigours of international transport. However, while they keep cargo safe from damage during long sea voyages, they do little to regulate interior temperatures. Shipping containers can heat up considerably in hot climates and lose heat rapidly in colder regions without proper insulation.  Luckily, several effective […]

Adapting Your Storage Container Business to Meet Changing Needs

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The storage container industry has undergone immense changes in recent years. Evolving customer needs, workplace trends, and global disruptions have challenged established business models. To remain competitive amid this transformation, adaptability has become key. This blog discusses several ways storage providers can thoughtfully evolve their operations. Understand Evolving Customer Needs Keeping pace with the changing […]

Inspecting the Condition of a Used Shipping Container

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Used shipping containers are gaining popularity for repurposing into storage units, backyard offices, pools, and more. Their durability and customizable nature makes them a great option for unique projects. However, before purchasing a used container it’s absolutely essential to thoroughly inspect its condition first. You’ll want to carefully check for any major structural damage, rust, […]