Can You Store Furniture in a Shipping Container? | Secure Container

In today’s world of space optimization and practical storage solutions, utilizing shipping containers for various purposes has become increasingly popular. These versatile containers offer a cost-effective and secure option for storing belongings, including furniture, whether for residential or commercial use.  But can you effectively store furniture in a shipping container? Let’s explore this question and […]

Why Does the Inside Dimensions of a Shipping Container Matter?

Shipping containers, those ubiquitous steel boxes seen traversing the globe, are not just for transporting goods across oceans. They’ve become increasingly popular for various purposes, from on-site storage solutions and temporary housing to pop-up shops and even disaster relief shelters.  However, understanding the interior dimensions is crucial when considering a shipping container for any application. […]

Learn about Shipping Container Insurance

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Shipping containers are the backbone of global trade, transporting cargo across oceans and continents. But like any asset, containers come with risks of damage, loss, or liability. That’s why having proper container insurance is such an important part of protecting your investment.  This article will explore key considerations regarding insuring your shipping containers to help […]

The Surprising Benefits of Hiring a Shipping Container for Your Business

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Shipping containers are often overlooked as simple storage units, but did you know they could provide some surprising advantages for your growing small business? In this post, we’ll explore a few unexpected ways renting a shipping container could benefit your company. Abundant Locked Storage Space For Less Shipping containers provide a massive amount of secure […]